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Jay-Z Launches A Lifestyle Blog

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Jay-Z Launches A Lifestyle Blog Empty Jay-Z Launches A Lifestyle Blog

Message par Ally le 06/04/11, 08:46 pm

Looks like Jay-Z has officially moved into the lifestyle blogging business. I can’t say that I feel any different than when any other celebrity moves there luggage into our house. Even if it is one that I’m a huge fan of artistically and business wise. I feel the same way. Lets see how this goes. The Life and Times seem to be Similar to what Kanye West has done before him with his blog, it appears to be a portrait of Jay’s findings throughout his worldly travels.

Sounds dope to me.

The total interactive design and layout is Fly. Exactly what we’d expect. Hopefully there will be some insightful discussions and stories derived from Jay, that would make it unique and amazing.

Jay Tweeted the URL Monday morning. The statement ”I want to make the extraordinary, ordinary.” is located comfortably in the ‘About’ section.

Ok, fine.

We’re tuned in.


-Stay Fly!

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Jay-Z Launches A Lifestyle Blog Empty Re: Jay-Z Launches A Lifestyle Blog

Message par Alycat le 06/04/11, 09:34 pm

Oh god j'ai cru qu'il nous avait fait un Goop à la Gwyneth Paltrow. Rien de pire, les gens détestent qu'une personne richissime décide de leur apprendre à vivre.

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